-What is J+I?

“J+I” is a project between Italian traditional craftsman and Japanese designers.

We, Japanese designers, have been learning materials and characteristics of their techniques through conversation with skilled crafts people, in order to find our unique view points for this project.  We wish our Japanese approaches could result a group of objects, which are extending the market of the traditional crafts.  We are willing to grow this project to a collection of products, which evokes quality of craftsmanship and celebrate user’s daily life.




Kaori Shiina has started this concept of J+I and called other Japanese designers.  All of us are all living and working in Europe.



Kaori Shiina / 椎名香織
Shiina + Nardi Design, Milano

Born in Tokyo, Japan.  After studied Art & Literature and then design in Tokyo, she moved to Milano in 1987.  After worked for a design practice in Milano, she became an independent in 2005.  She opened ‘Shiina + Nardi Design’ with Ricardo Nardi in 2012.

東京生まれ。東京で文学を専攻したのちにデザインを学び、1987年よりミラノ在住。デザイン事務所で働いたのち、2005年独立。2012年よりリカルド・ナルディと共に「Shiina + Nardi Design」を主宰する。


Kazuyo Komoda / 菰田和世
kazuyo komoda design, Milano

Born in Tokyo, Japan. After studied design in Tokyo, she worked for industrial design and interior design practices.  She moved to Milano in 1989, had worked for a design practice there, then opened ‘Kazuyo Komoda Design’.

東京生まれ。東京でデザインを学び、工業デザインとインテリアデザインの仕事に就いたのち、1989年よりミラノ在住。デザイン事務所に在籍ののち「kazuyo komoda design」を設立。


Kuniko Maeda / 前田邦子
Minale-Maeda, Rotterdam

Born in Tokyo. After studying design in Tokyo, she worked for a cosmetic company. Then she went to Eindhoven to study design and set up her studio in Rotterdam in 2006.

東京生まれ。東京でデザインを学び、化粧品会社勤務ののち、アイントフォーヘンへ渡る。2006年ロッテルダムに「studio minale-maeda」を設立。


Shinobu Ito / 伊藤志信
studio ito design, Milano

Born in Tokyo, Japan.  After studied graphic design in Tokyo and Milano, she worked in Tokyo before settled herself in Milano in 1997.  Co-founded ‘Studio Ito Design’ together with Setsu Ito in Milano.

東京生まれ。東京とミラノでグラフィックデザインを学び、東京で企業に勤めたのち、1997年よりミラノ在住。伊藤節と共に「studio ito design」を主宰する。


Tomoko Azumi / 安積朋子
t.n.a. Design Studio, London

Born in 1966, Hiroshima, Japan.  After studied interior design and architecture in Kyoto and worked in Tokyo, she moved to London in 1992.  After 10 years in partnership of Azumi, she opened ’t.n.a. Design Studio’ in 2005.

1966年広島生まれ。京都でインテリアデザインと建築を学び、東京で設計事務所に務めたのち1992年よりロンドン在住。デザイン・ユニット ’Azumi’ を経て2005年に「t.n.a. Design Studio」を設立。

Project member in 2013 only / 2013年にのみ参加

Sakura Adachi / 安達さくら
Sakura Adachi, Milano

Born in Aichi, Japan. After studying wooden furniture and industrial design in Tokyo and London, she moved to Milan in 2004 to work for some design studios. In 2008 she established her own studio ‘Sakura Adachi Design’ in Milan.

愛知生まれ。東京とロンドンで木工家具とプロダクトデザインを学んだのち、2004年よりミラノ在住。デザイン事務所で働いたのち独立し、2008年「Sakura Adachi Design」を設立。

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