Italy has long history in hand-making crafts.  Many people have been cultivating knowledge in materials, polished techniques and keeping passion on beauty.  J+I project became possible, only because following Italian artisans endorse our concept and, are in collaboration with us.


<< Collaborating companies are;

Consorzio Promovetro Murano
All glass factories are introduced by Consorzio Promovetro Murano.

Consorzio Promovetro di Murano was born in 1985 to promote and protect the artistic glass production of the island of Murano.

Its activities are focused on the participation to trade fairs, the organizing of workshops, business meetings and promotional exhibition and, at the same the time, the supply of services to the associated companies.

In 2001 Regione del Veneto entrusted to Promovetro the management and promotion of the trademark Vetro Artistico® Murano, the only legally recognised guarantee for Murano glass customers producers.  They are the only ones standing for a one-thousand years old tradition.

Consorzio Promovetro Murano / storia italiano

Alessandro Mandruzzato – A mosaic art glass expert in Murano

Ercole Moretti – A specialist in the Cane related products in Murano

Gambaro&Poggi – A hand blown glass specialist in Murano

NasonMoretti – A high-end drinking vessels specialist in Murano

Pino Signoretto – An artistic sculptural glass maestro in Murano

Seguso Gianni – A historical chandeliers specialist in Murano

Simone Cenedese – A modern glass lighting specialist in Murano

Tiozzo Sergio – A crafted colourful glass objects specialist in Murano



Fonderia Artistica Campagner
The Artistic Foundry CAMPAGNER was established by Antonio Campagner. He decides to endorse the experience gained in many years of work in prestigious art workshops, handing down the children his secrets and expertise of this wonderful passion.

His love for the sand casting, combined with the personal technique, made the Foundry not just a workshop, but a handicraft forge, as affirmed by esteemed clients.  Artists, Designers and Architects turn to Antonio Campagner’s great skills to realize their thought, for here their creativity finds the right interpretation.

The sand casting of brass, bronze and aluminium alloys is achieved by creating the
‘negative shape’ in the brackets, through the ancient method of natural sands.  In the
free shape is melted the alloy.  The metal solidifies and, once cooled, it’s made free
from the sand, ready for the next different phases of finishing.

Fonderia Artistica Campagner / storia italiano

Sampietro is founded as a Company specialized in iron manufacture in all its
perpectives, while it becomes a proficient manufacturer of handmade copper, brass
and stainless steel.

The succession of different generations gave it new life, bringing constructive and updated solutions and increasing the final quality over the years.
In our labs, new ideas become unique works everyday, through the rediscovery of
ancient competencies and based on modern technologies. Careful processing are
combined with artifacts made with craftmanship. Every detail is round off by hand and cured primly.

The Company has always stood out for the pioneering spirit in the research of shapes and for the brilliant constructive versatility, that during the different ages led her to create unique pieces and exclusive works, spreading all over the world the high quality Italian culture.

Sampietro1927 / storia italiano



BeD living
BeD Living has been founded as a producer of semifinished components for chairs and tables in the area named “chair triangule”. For some years now it has been specialized in the development of custom projects, ranging from the production of finished chairs to the one of furniture components and custom-made objects. (

The Company offers the possibility to create, in addition to the mass production, even the custom-made orders, for large or small quantities, sometimes anticipated by prototypes and samples.  It’s used to uptake various types of wooden essences, as well as wood stratified in different curves and shapes, plastic laminates, acrylic sheets and other materials.

Furthermore, there are many important collaborations with renowned architects and designers and leading companies in the furniture sector.

BeD living / storia italiano

Giordano Viganò
Giordano Vigano has a long history about furniture lasting for 50 years.  Passion for craftmanship, knowledge of wood in all its various essences and traditional techniques of processing, with the addition of the most advanced technologies, they all allow the creation of custom-made furniture, prototypes for design firms and unique pieces.

In Giordano Vigano’s workshop nothing remains unfullfilled.  Quality is defined by a selection of precious woods (ebony, rosewood, palm, mahogany, teak), by the attention to details and personalization of each furniture required by the costumer.  The wood is often combined to other materials such as steel, glass, bone, galuchat and leather.

Giordano Vigano / storia italiano

Riva 1920
Riva 1920 has been working for years on this project: creating furniture that challenges time and respects nature.  Riva 1920 has been producing furniture for three generations.  Maurizio and Davide Riva are currently leading the company, started off by granfather Nino Romano in 1920 and carried on by their father Mario Riva.

In the past 20 years, the company was committed to producing furniture with only and exclusively natural materials and complements, guaranteeing low environmental impact.  While thinking of the future and young generations, Riva 1920 inaugurates in 2001 the Museum of Wood, to hand over and not to forget that wood is a renewable resource, but it is not infinite: only an aware use and a correct integration policy of the arboreal heritage can guarantee a balanced ecosystem in the future.

Culture, design and social sensitivity have become key features of Riva 1920’s activities. The collaboration with design masters strengthened a philosophy characterized by a merging of functionality and aestetics, without ever forgetting the importance of healthy living and eco-sustainability. Special Projects were born out of this marriage between woodwork and geniality, such as the project aimed at re-utilizing Venetian Briccole, the millnary New Zealand Kauri wood, and the project Ground Zero, to remember the history of 9/11 through design masters.

Riva1920 / storia italiano


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