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J+I has kicked off / J+I プロジェクト開始

Kaori Shiina, a product designer based in Milano, initiated this collaboration of J+I.  5 other Japanese designers have gathered around her and started to discuss about the first exhibition, at one of the Fuori Salone at the Salone Internatioal del Mobile, 2013.

Exhibition date: 9 – 14 April 2013
Venue: via Sarpi / Sarpi Bridge, Oriental Design Week

“J+I” is a project to generate and search a new horizon of design, through connecting contemporary design thinking and Italian traditional craftsmanship.  6 designers, who love to visit factories and meet great artisans, have started their design development.

ミラノ在住のデザイナー椎名香織の呼びかけに応え、6人のデザイナーが集まって「J+I」がスタートしました。2013年4月のミラノサローネ国際家具展示週間に、市街の Sarpi 地区での展示を企画します。「J+I」は、イタリアの伝統工芸と職人の作り出す美に魅せられたデザイナーが、彼らとの対話の中から「伝統技術と現代の暮らしを結ぶプロダクト」を考える挑戦です。

The designers are all female, and live and work in Europe – Milano, London and Rotterdam.

– from left top to right bottom –
Kaori Shiina, Kazuyo Komoda, Kuniko Maeda, Sakura Adachi, Shinobu Ito and Tomoko Azumi.